University of Life: Spiritual Lesson Reviews

University of Life: Spiritual Lesson Reviews

If life is a school, then the Earth is the classroom. Whether people know it or not, everyone on the face of the planet is here to be a student of the tailored curriculum that the Universe teaches us to fulfill our unique purpose for being born. While many of the students of the world are sleeping through class, those that are attentive to learn will grow and ascend through the core principles that the Universe teaches. However, like any good teacher, the Universe is not about solely imparting knowledge, but encouraging the application of said knowledge. It does so through lesson reviews to test not only the width of what you know but the depth of our understanding.

Lesson reviews come in the form of unexpected situations that put to the test the application of the wisdom you learned in similar, but different, circumstances. They manifest as a variation of a previous struggle which you were able to overcome. It is a chance for you to see if the lesson the Universe taught stuck or if you need to do a bit more time to digest the core principles being taught. I will use myself as an example.

When I overcame depression over the past several months, I was mortified when it reared its head once again. I had to re-wrestle my darkest thoughts back into submission. This time, however, I knew I was equipped with the knowledge of how I overcame it and that I still had the tools at my disposal to do so again. But before I could, I had to resolve the sense of guilt of feeling that I had regressed.

These experiences can often be disconcerting because they can expose blind spots in our understanding and it can feel as if we’ve taken a step back. Whether that be relapsing on an addiction, falling back into depression, or reentering a toxic relationship, these moments have the ability to change us even more for the better once we grasp the pattern and subvert it where it stands. Lesson reviews allow us to assess how far we’ve come and how far we have to go on our spiritual journey. It is all a part of the process. On the upward spiral to ascension, sometimes we have to take a few steps back in order to take four steps forward. Sometimes we have to walk around the same mountain to find a clearer path to reach the peak.

Whether you ace your review or still have much to learn, know that so long as you remain a faithful student, you cannot fail. It is simply not allowed. No willing student can be left behind. The Universe is a patient teacher and if you quiet your mind and open your heart, you will learn all that you need to learn. The world can be a tough classroom and some lessons are harder to grasp and understand than others, but the teacher will always be there because there you are waiting to learn. As you continue to grow, stumble, and learn in the process, my hope is that you take every moment in stride, every failure as another chance to succeed, and convert all the knowledge you learn through the years into incorruptible diamonds of wisdom.

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