The Unpaved Path

The Unpaved Path

The path we walk is not paved,

but it leads to a great, mighty city full of all of our hopes and dreams.

Is it not worth the journey?

To toil;

blistered feet;

the sun beating on our brow;

the taste of our own sweat the only reward for our hard work.

Do you see the end or do you just feel the pain?

We grit our teeth;

we drag our feet;

we give another mile when we thought we couldn’t give another inch.

Is this what we worked for?

Do we fill our stomachs with sand;

do we grovel at the very feet of victory?

Train your gaze to see past the mirage;

the glimmers of deception begging you to burn in the sand in your delusion of an oasis.

We did not journey to wet our palette with pleasure or to quelch fulfillment with fleeting luxuries.

We walk the pebbled, harsh, unforgiving road to knock on the doors of greatness;

to sit on the throne of peace;

to give good tidings and rest to those weary on their unpaved path to their hopes and dreams.

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