The Unique Journey of Spirituality

The Unique Journey of Spirituality

As of 2018, there are over 7 billion people on the face of the planet and counting. Each human being that is alive today, will be alive in the future, or was alive in the past all possess (and will possess) a completely unique code of DNA. The earth has never had, nor will ever have, a repeat of anyone that was ever born. Aside from the biological differentiation, no one will have the exact variables of experiences that make up who we are and how we see the world. Everyone is one-of-a-kind down to the very vibration that manifests our physical form. Given the uniqueness of our soul’s existence, it is against the very fabric of our being to walk a spiritual path already paved by anyone else. The spiritual journey that a soul takes through life cannot be replicated.

Spirituality is as winding as a fingerprint. In the journey, we don’t know where we are beginning at or exactly where we are going. We have to navigate the twists and turns with our intuition as our only sure guide through the maze of our existence. With each step we take along the way, we begin to accumulate valuable lessons that will serve toward our spiritual evolution. Although it is wise to compare our steps with others to gain insights into our own journey, no one can give us directions to our milestones of growth. No one has ever walked the path we are destined to. There will be people we come across on the journey that will warn us of what to look out for and to expect, but they can not show us the routes to take towards our self-actualization. It is ours to find and ours to walk.

It takes a pioneering spirit to forge a path that honors our unique purpose and existence on the planet. When we choose to follow our inner compass towards our form of spiritual expression, it will inevitably lead us off of the worn trail of ideologies and dogmas. The uniqueness of our soul is finally given freedom to explore and grow in a way that favors it. We are able to learn the lessons our soul needs in a way that is tailored to us. The sacrifice for embracing the individuality of our journey, however, is that we will appear lost to others who don’t understand the unorthodox steps we take in life. In choosing to embrace and express the unique DNA of our soul, we begin to look and act distinct from the masses.

In light of the nebulous nature of spirituality, many people gravitate to the more comfortable path of following a road of beliefs that are clearly defined and walked by others. They relinquish autonomy in making their own decisions or navigating the unique lessons their soul needs to learn. They choose to be guided by a compass tuned to a north star that isn’t there own. In the same way that people judge the appearance or behavior of those that are different from the standard, people also judge others that walk a journey unlike their own. Due to being insecure towards  differences, there is a need within them to try to force us to conform to ways of spirituality that they deem “correct.” Just as there are innumerable expressions of DNA that are all valid, there is validity in the innumerable ways to navigate spirituality.

Embracing our spiritual individuality from the rest of the 7+ billion people on the planet is just as important as loving how our genes express our physical bodies. The paths that we walk on the journey of our lives are as unique as a fingerprint. All of the arches, loops, and whorls. There will never be a trail blazed quite like ours. The ways in which we move through life is not meant to be understood nor liked by everyone. Choosing to follow the path of our unique spiritual expression takes courage and a willingness to be alone until we find those that walk a similar path as our own. The lessons that our soul needs to learn — and in the way they need to be learned — is tailored to us. Who you are in mind, body, and spirit is one-of-a-kind and there never was nor will ever be anyone quite like you. This is the miracle of life.

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