The Power of Observation

The Power of Observation

The eyes are the soul’s window to the world. Many sights pass before the eyes, but it is the soul that watches and observes. Our eyes may see men, but our soul sees men as trees, walking. Observation is the power of using our awareness of our outer and inner world to draw spiritual insights about ourselves and others. The ability to observe and be a student of what we see is at the core of navigating our spiritual path. The more that we harness our awareness and hone our discernment, the easier we are able to identify lessons, warnings, and patterns along our journey. However, for many, the power of observation has been subjugated to the frivolous pastime of judgment. The depletion of our awareness through indiscriminate judgment leaves very little energy left over for self-reflection and thus, spiritual growth.

The difference between judgment and observation is in where energy is invested. Observation directs our energy toward the strengthening of our empathy, intuition, peace, and our ability to perceive nuance in everyday life.However, indiscriminate judgment sows the seeds of misunderstanding, doubt, distress, and close-mindedness. Those who spend an inordinate amount of time in the judgment of themselves and others often have damaged inner and interpersonal relationships. A negatively biased state of being blocks spiritual insights that would otherwise make an impact if we allow our soul to simply watch. Quietly watching from a centered state of being allows us to catch the details of life that often go unseen by many. Observing life is like having the eye of an art critic.

The art critic is different from the average layperson in one way only: the art critic possess the ability to observe art in fine detail while the layperson cannot. An art critic is trained to see the composition of art, how the painting leads the eye, the emotions that colors evoke, the techniques used, and the historical background for context. The layperson looks and reacts to a painting, but the art critic sees and feels every nuance the artist intended to arouse. Observation is much the same way. The difference between a skilled observer of life and one that simply sees life play out is in the details, the whispers, and the spirit of what is seen, felt, thought, and experienced. Without observation, we would mindlessly watch the passing images instead of being able to discern them as a moving picture.

The images that pass the eyes of most are given new life under the observant gaze. The ability to see the intricate details of the emotions of others cultivates empathy. Observing the complexity of our emotions, thoughts, and feelings allows us to detect intuitive messages embedded within them. The power of unbiased awareness and acceptance of our passing emotions, memories, and feelings about the present and future foster peace. And lastly, objective observation of life helps us to compartmentalize and perceive the nuance of the many facets of life and human behavior. The ability to be watchful of all that comes before us is one of the pillars of a fulfilling life and the more we hone this ability, the stronger our spirituality will become.

The eyes are not only the window to the soul. The eyes are the window for the soul. Frivolous judgment clouds the window from the outside. It prevents us from being able to make the most of what we see and experience. It cultivates unnecessary disarray in our inner lives and creates a barrier from connecting with others. The ability to watch and be aware of the passing lessons, warnings and patterns of life help us to tap into the heart of the Universe. We begin to see that nothing is by coincidence and that if we pay attention we will be divinely guided in all that we do. Observe life like the work of art that it is and you will be privileged to know the secrets of the artist.

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