Making Sense of Chaos

Making Sense of Chaos

The statement that the world is in chaos is one that probably resonates with most people. The energy that is permeating the planet is disrupting old systems and ways of thinking — much to the dismay and comfort of many. As people try to cling to a bygone paradigm, the true colors of their hearts are bursting forth in a kaleidoscope of racism, sexism, violence, bigotry, and hatred. The spiritual battle that’s taking place is marring the landscape of society as we know it. The ugly truth of the present state of the world is finally being brought to the surface for everyone to see. Despite the discomfort of living in these tumultuous times, the chaos we see represents a deeper order if you have the eyes to see the beauty in the seeming brokenness of it all.

In the words of Carl Jung, “In all chaos, there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” The chaos and discord we see is simply an order of cause and effect that is beyond our realm of understanding, at present. What we are seeing in the world is a social chaos theory in action. While on the surface the mayhem seems to play out in an unpredictable way, beneath it all we see both the inevitability and synchronistic timing of it. With the way the world is at present, nothing should alarm or shock you to your core. Human consciousness is following a course of action that will eventually end in the greater good of the future. What is important is that we do not get emotionally invested in the seeming chaos and lose ourselves in the illusion.

Most of the masses, at present, have fallen into the hidden cogs that are running this systematic madness. They are being corralled here and there and their energy is being siphoned for their destruction. While the universe is flooding this planet with transformative energy for its good, there are many who are trying to take advantage of people’s sensitivity during this time. Inflammatory politics, strained race relations, religious infighting, class disparity and the like are all being exacerbated in an attempt to divide and conquer. And to some degree, it is working. Humanity has never been more divided because so many of us believe the chaos to be…chaos.

Unfortunately, the more people feed into the illusion the worse it is going to get before it gets better. The world is in a messy, tangled state and it is going to take time to bring about a comforting type of order. It is no different than cleaning out a dirty closest. All of the trash and useless items have to be thrown out, rearranged, and organized in a more meaningful way before it will be clean and usable again. During this process, it is easy to become discouraged and feel that it would have been better to leave the mess in the closet. But with time and effort, the fruits of your labor are clearly seen and the regret vanishes. In the same way, the earth is undergoing a massive spring cleaning; thus it is going to get dirtier and more “chaotic” before we get to benefit from a new world.

Keeping this in mind, it is important that we maintain a high vibration to be able to rise above the tide and see the order within the madness. Observing the chaos allows us a deeper range of understanding in navigating the world and the people in it. When we do, we foster within ourselves a peace external to the storm around us and are able to thrive in these increasingly desolate times. The world may seem to be going to hell in a handbasket, but remember the greater plan at play and begin to see the underlying beauty of it all. There is beauty in brokenness and order in the chaos. All you need are eyes to see it.

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