How to Deal with Life’s Curveballs

How to Deal with Life’s Curveballs

What makes life beautiful and bursting with adventure is its inherent unpredictability. But, inversely, it is this inherent unpredictability that can also make life stressful and teeming with insecurity. The moments in our lives that bring spontaneous and serendipitous events is the same that can darken our doorstep with unexpected and distressing news. The curve balls that life throws our way can completely shatter the expectations our brain makes about the future that provide us with a sense of stability. These jarring turn of events forces us to re-examine, re-establish, and re-define who we are in order to build ourselves stronger as spiritual beings. Our mentality in response to sudden change is the difference between evolving into the next level of consciousness or stagnating until the test of another unexpected circumstance.

The expectations our minds set about the future is intended to abate anxiety in an otherwise uncertain world. It finds uncertainty uncomfortable and attempts to insulate us in rote, and thus predictable, ways of living and thinking. The moment that a curve ball is thrown our way the expectations we have about the future are challenged and we are sent into limbo. The initial response to an unexpected event is denial and then self-pity. Our brain does not want to believe that the expectations it painstakingly constructed for our safety are in shambles. We may fluctuate between feeling sad to mildly dissociating from reality. Staying in this state of mind for too long will stunt potential spiritual growth. It is imperative that once a curveball is thrown we, as soon as possible, accept it as a reality.

The act of accepting an adverse circumstance is radical. When an unexpected event happens we often sink into a disempowering mix of apathy and victimhood. Acceptance is to look a harsh and unpredicted reality in the face with calm acknowledgment. Acknowledging the source of suffering marks the moment that we transcend from self-pity and despondency into the beginning of self-empowerment. Once the expectation that your mind built is destroyed, the landscape of our paradigm is flattened to the ground; and now we can begin to adapt to the change and build something that is entirely new from the ashes.

Adapting to a curveball is a learning curve in and of itself. It is a crash course lesson in discovering hidden strengths and weakness within ourselves that will add to our spiritual character. It is difficult at first. Being able to adapt requires us to be present in the moment and to allow our intuition to guide us within the uncertainty of each new step we take. When we accept the uncertainty of the new situation (and of life itself) we fall into a flow that is incalculable to the mind. It is in this state of acceptance and adaptation that we begin to download invaluable lessons about ourselves, the human experience, and the world over. Within this flow of adaptation, we become more acquainted with the synchronicity of life but only when abiding by the now. We learn about ourselves in ways that comfort alone wouldn’t allow.

The initial discomfort of a curveball can be jarring at first, but with time and intentional effort, it will morph into life-altering lessons that will continue to shape us moving forward. The unpredictability of life no longer becomes something that we should fear, but something that we should embrace. The flow and synchronicity of the universe unfold in ways beyond our comprehension, but well within the understanding of our spirit. When our mind builds expectations about the future, they now become merely projections of our brain across the expanse of the unknown. It is when we exist in the present and adapt to the future that we attain stability that is only born out of peace.

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