Following the Beat and Rhythm of Your Heart

Following the Beat and Rhythm of Your Heart

When you finish reading this sentence, I want you to close your eyes, press your hand to your heart, and begin to focus your consciousness on its beat for ten seconds.

Did you hear and feel it?

The steady, faithful beat of your heart is the drum that creates a unique rhythm that only you can dance to. It was the first sound to be born from your existence within the womb; it is the metronome of your life until the moment of your death. Your heart is the most ancient of percussions and to keep to its rhythm is to stay to the beat of your life. It is the voice of your intuition. However, as the cacophony of society continues to grow louder, it can be easy for your unique rhythm and frequency to be drowned out by the chaos. As a result, many have forgotten the sound of their own hearts which beat unnoticed in the background of their lives. And instead of being lost in their own music, they are lost in the noise of media, the opinions of others, and their own intellect.

We live in a world which places the mind as the source of wisdom; intellect as its crown jewel and prioritizes anything above that which can be reasoned as delusional and out of touch with reality. The beat of the heart as being the core of our physical and spiritual existence is demoted and romanticized beyond its purpose as a practical guide to navigating our lives. The heart is subordinated to the mind which finds comfort in a predictability that an intuition-led life simply can not provide. It is not controllable to be led at random or practical to systemization to be a leaf carried by the breeze of the universe. All the more reason why following your heart is the most revolutionary of acts in any society.

The heart is perfectly attuned to the symphony of the universe and the interconnectedness of all that is beyond the realm of understanding. It will guide us on unpaved paths that our mind would never consider taking on our journey; orchestrate the people we are supposed to meet along the way; and lead us to the places we are supposed to be at in divine, fated timing. The mind could never begin to mastermind such synchronicity. However, the heart weaves synchronicity into the most elaborate of miracles. It is in the moments of silence and reflection that the wisdom of the heart is able to beat the loudest over the chatter of the mind and all external noise. The more we prioritize listening and following our intuition, the more sensitive we become to when she speaks, even in the faintest of whispers and the gentlest of nudges.

Choosing to follow the beat of your heart creates serendipity, but in doing so you must accept being off tune with the rest of the world. There will be people who won’t be able to resonate with your rhythm because they don’t have a similar tribal dance to you. As a result, heart-led people are often the most misunderstood. Yet, those who choose to follow their heart faithfully have the reassurance that no matter the circumstance their heart will always perfectly weave their life in miraculous ways. Should you choose to listen and follow its rhythm, you will always be on beat with your life. The beat is there as steady as the one in your chest right now. Let your heart beat louder; let it speak louder than the chatter of your mind, the media, and the opinions of others. It is your birthright. It is the unique sound of your existence.

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