Beware of Blind Spot Beliefs

Beware of Blind Spot Beliefs

What are your most integral beliefs—and can you name them? In all likelihood, you will not be able to rattle off all of the beliefs that drive your every behavior. While there are beliefs that we have conscious access to, there are hidden corridors in your thought system where hidden, innermost beliefs lie. They motivate your core decision making, your sense of identity, and how you conduct yourself within society. As such, these subconscious blind spot beliefs have the ability to dictate your behavior without your direct knowledge.

Blind spot beliefs originate from ubiquitously accepted ideas within a given era in society. These ideas are pervasive to such a degree that they are neither accepted nor rejected—they simply exist as an unknown and uncontested reality. You are born into these beliefs in the same way a fish is born into water. When you are compelled to a behavior through these beliefs, you are unaware of where the current comes from or where it goes. You simply follow it devoid of any reason.

By virtue of the nature of blind spot beliefs, they leave you vulnerable to external manipulation through the undercurrents of unspoken social expectations within family, community, and institutions. These blind spot beliefs are often puppeted, unbeknownst to you, through the presentation of ideas that align with our unconscious thought systems. You can recognize such ideas as sudden convictions that you feel must be intrinsically true without having inspected the veracity of it. As a result, you act out of an instinct you were not aware existed. 

It is for this reason that it is imperative to be present and aware of what you say and how you act. If you do not have an answer to the origin of a behavior, take the painstaking time to evaluate it thoroughly. (Be sure to pay close attention to ones that are in alignment with the behavior of the masses.) Should it trace to thin air, it may very well be a blind spot belief. What makes them dangerous is not the belief itself—it is the lack of awareness of the belief that gives opportunity for external forces to animate you with them.

By inquiring about the origin of your behaviors, you check the halls of your subconscious for hidden doors and passageways to your innermost being.

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