My name is Lauryn and I am the author of The Indigo Letters and the founder of The Indigo Times!

The Indigo Times is a spiritual lifestyle blog dedicated to equipping young people with the knowledge, inspiration, and connections needed to cultivate the unique path of their spiritual and personal development.

Every article is written with the purpose of sparking discussions about all matters of spirituality and personal developmentfrom philosophy and psychology to metaphysics and art. These are my thoughts and opinions, but they are intended to be a springboard to further conversation among us all.

The reason is that The Indigo Times is more than just a blog…

It is a community.

I created The Indigo Times because there weren’t any online spaces for young people to discuss their spiritual journeys that didn’t involve the inherent bias of a religious institution. The Indigo Times helps to bridge the gap of a sense of community that is sorely missing for the spiritually awake within my generation.

If that sounds intriguing to you, consider signing up for my newsletter to receive notifications of new articles! Also, join my growing online community of young people that are coming together under the mutual goal of spiritual growth through connections with others.

All the best,


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